How does Ubuntu GUI find moved Plots?

Currently my Final Directory is a big USB 3.0 5400 rpm external disk drive connected to a laptop. It takes about an hour for the app to copy a 100% Plot from the Temporary Directory (it’s on an internal SSD) to Final Directory. I’d like to use a USB 3.1 external SSD as the Final Directory and then move files from there to the big external disk drive. I can set the external SSD as the Final Directory for my next Plots.

How does my Ubuntu GUI Chia app find the Plots that I move to the big external disk drive?

I don’t see anywhere to tell the app where to find the Plot files after they are moved off of the Final Directory. I am happy to make changes using Terminal if that is needed.

Another related question: Would it be crazy to create a directory on the main OS SSD as the Final Directory and move files from there to the big external drive? I understand the wear issue and there is plenty of space. I am more concerned about performance. Thank you!

I found the answer! Hope this helps someone else with the Ubuntu GUI:

Plots tab / Three dots (upper right) / Add Plot Directory
That will display your existing directories. In my setup, I don’t need to add the big external disk drive because, duh!, it is already there. I just need to move files from my new, faster Final Directory on an SSD to the big external drive.

If I need to add another drive to hold Plots, that’s the place to go.

As for performance, I am guessing it might be best to move finished Plots in the Final Directory when the machine is not busy moving a new Plot from Temporary Directory to Final Directory, but what do I know?

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Yes! I wish there was some command line trickery that could say “check for heavy levels of I/O on this device; if there are heavy levels, wait and retry later when things are calmer”. But I’m on Windows…