How happy are you with your Chia return on investment (ROI)?

Hey everyone

I was wondering how happy you are with your Chia ROI? I am even by now and I have been thinking about buying new drives due to the low HDD prices at the moment. When crypto prices and the XCH price goes up everyone will start plotting again but due to higher netspace, rewards will be same.

Yes you could just buy XCH worth $5000 / 5000 Euro instead of twenty drives with 18 TB and if xch doubles or tripples you have 10000 / 15000 while farming takes time. However, the HDDs will last > 5 years and create continuous income.

What do you think? Are you happy with your return on investment? Will you continue to invest, stagnate or are you considering to drop out?

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I will continue to invest and continue buying XCH periodically. For me is, at least, a 3/4 years journey to recover the ROI + Earnings.
In the middle, trying to sell a super peak buy order.

From the beginning, I planned on this being a 5 year investment. My first hardware purchase was 5/6/2021, so I am less than a year in so far. Not surprised at the current value of XCH. I definitely would have loved it if it leveled off higher, but not concerned. My current XCH value needed to break even is $357.63 per XCH. That number is constantly going down. It is calculated by taking my total investment so far (including electricity) and dividing it by how much XCH I have. It is constantly creeping down as my farm earns XCH. So when the XCH value climbs past that number … profit. I expect that number will be down around $200 when the price of XCH starts to climb.

I originally planned on making another large purchase (buying XCH directly) if it gets to $50. But I’m not sure now. We’ll see how I feel if it gets there.

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Honestly, precious ROI. As im an small farmer, I invested 2k and earn till now ~2 chia (~4 months since i covered all the plots and some unexpected shutdown while i was traveling and pooling protocol). So to break even coin should go to 1k x XCH. Some maths, 1 year = 6 XCH = 335 USD each chia to break even.

3/4 years journey ohmmmmm

Totally happy. When XCH is worth $1000+ again one day everyone will be complaining that they should have mined/bought more when it was $67. Some of us old timers know the game. Robinhood crypto bros are pants crapping fud spreaders one minute and Lambo wielding all knowing oracles the next. Those of us that have been through several cycles know one one thing is true. Keep adding to your stack and HODL :sunglasses:


I’ve been consistently selling mine. I use what I sell to Re-invest into other crypto’s to keep a constant fluid of trades. I hope to soon hit a point where I am just piling XCH… But not quite there.

I continue to grow my farm. Current goal remains a 20 PiB farm. Hard drive prices are great right now. I keep picking up 16tb stacks of 10 at a time.

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I’m satisfied as I know what is coming from Chia and XCH and it is ‘REAL’ and exciting. I was lucky to buy xxx XCH due to the low price point, however my avg price for XCH is $127. Patience as this will be $xxxxx in my 3-5 year plan I set out on. So, I continue to farm, never update a .0 release (LOL :)) and wait for a .1 release while the rig keeps chugging away. XCH will be top three and people will be saying ’ is shoulda, coulda, woulda’, and the rest of us will be saying, you were not convicted. This is a conviction play. The DD is awesome and Chia to the Moon :slight_smile:


Ask me again in 5 years, I’ll have an answer for you XD


I will be happy when 100 TB will bring at least 8 bucks

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I edited this to correct the math on my Chia farm. Previously I had stated that my Chia farm earned $1300/mo but that was because I was calculating the average earning with the value of Chia at the time of each block solution. Blocks found when Chia was $1000, $800, $500, etc…

I invested $100k in GPUs over the last 3 years and they earn about $10k/mo (sometimes up to 20k since I solo mine and occasionally find extra blocks) - ROI in the first year.

I invested $200k in ASICs over the last 4 years and they earn about $10k/mo - ROI in the first year

I invested $70k in Chia (900TB + Server/Plotter hardware) over the last year and it earns $600/mo - ROI in 9.72 years?!?

Sure, add the power consumption to the mix, Chia still is… umm…
Do I have faith that XCH will crack $200 or $300? Maybe it will but I don’t think I’m going to stick around to find out. I also own 0 XCH since I filp it all into BTC but… that’s just me.

I started farming in the beginning to add support to the blockchain, I never planed on it being a long-term mining investment for myself. I didn’t however, predict it to be so depressing. Ha! At least the hardware has decent residual value.


Did you consider electricity costs in your ROI analysis?

Every day down … not that this year will start to rise? No wonder no one is watching the meeting video. Because the price is really hard to see … still have the courage to live.

I’ve just passed 200TiB after dropping Chives, still got a little bit of plotting to do to max out my drives, currently earning around 1.6XCH a month + any extremely rare wins as I’m pooling.

Will add more drives at the right price.

Absolutely no where near ROI, spent far too much early on, but hopefully one day it will break even.

Yes, electricity has been considered in my ROI calcs.

I live in Canada, I buy electricity wholesale from the power company and pay a fixed 8.1 cents per kilowatt hour. Our average consumer rate can be calculated at $0.12 per kilowatt hour. We have a tiered on-peak, mid-peak, off-peak system that is 8.2 cents, 11.3 cents and 17 cents respectively. I always use the consumer pricing when calculating anything. Of course everything is in Canadian Dollars.

GPUs consume 30 amps @ 240v = 7.5 kw/h - $22/day, $670/mo
ASICs consume 58 amps @ 240v = 14 kw/h - $41/day, $1247/mo
Chia consumes 5 amps @ 240c = 1.2 kw/h - $3.50/day, $107/mo

Net electricity, the GPUs earn $9,300, ASICs earn $8,700 and Chia about $1,200

You only have 900TB, that doesn’t bring in anywhere near $1200 a month, more like $500 or less excluding electricity.

You’re right… block every 9-11 days on average… 3 blocks per month = 6 chia… I mistakenly calculated 12 chia per month instead of 6… $600 per month minus power… even better than I thought! Ha!

The systems does indeed consume 5 amps @ 240v so the math on the power consumption is correct… the profit was not.

So the ROI on my Chia farm is closer to 10 years, not 4.5… I need to revisit my excel sheets :man_facepalming:


I see where there error was in my calculation. My excel sheet is averaging the earning over time. It balanced at $1300/mo because there was a time when Chia was $1,500-$1,000-$800-$500-$200-now

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Yes, the math is correct, but you have less then optimal farm. Based on what you have said (240V, 5A, 900TB), you have around 150 drives (8W per drive), what amounts to basically 6TB drives (most likely SAS, so maybe usage is 9W per drive). If you would have 18TB drives, the power draw would drop to 400W (your current is 1,200W).

Therefore, your farm is one of the first to be shut down due to energy cost when XCH will drop a bit more. Kind of like running your bitcoin mining on old GPUs and comparing it to efficient chia farm (what some other post is pushing).

I guess, I would like to see a detailed comparison between your GPU/ASIC earnings, comparing to that other guy chia farm.

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