How I 'pause' my plots on Windows when using the GUI

Hey guys, so I was testing out some settings and accidentally created too many parallel plots for the temporary drive to handle. Here is how I paused a few temporarily:

:warning: Pausing plots is not officially supported! Follow this guide at your own risk!

In the GUI view the log of the running plot you’d like to pause.

  • Scroll to the top and copy the ID.
  • Next, open up Resource Manager.
  • In the CPU tab under Associated Handles search for the copied ID
  • You’ll see a bunch of chia.exe along with the PID
  • Now find that PID in the Processes section, right-click and click Suspend Process
  • After that, once the other Plots finish up just resume the suspended processes and they will complete plotting fine.

Hope this helps someone out as it did me.


This makes sense, especially since sleeping the PC does not break plots in my experience. Thanks for sharing!


Excellent! Can someone offer a similar “pause” procedure for Ubuntu GUI? Thanks in advance.

I guess calling this from GUI as well would not be that hard so we could have a simple pause button ? :slight_smile:

The mechanism is available from the Linux CLI - it just needs someone to stitch it into the GUI - it won’t survive a Linux restart though.

I haven’t tested it so its at your own risk - i might do some time soon because i sometimes like to hot swap my destination directory and its always a rush to get fresh disk in before it produces the next plot

I think a simple “PAUSE/RESUME ALL PLOTS” would be the simplest to implement and use and doesn’t really need the gui

Say “chia plots pause/resume”

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I just did a quick test on Ubuntu 20

I identified a handful of running plots on Swar Plot Manager,
Invoke a pause on each

kill -STOP id1 id2 id3

Waited 15 mins - Resumed the plots

kill -CONT id2 id3

Meanwhile i was monitoring the log file with a tail and can confirm that the processes did stop and then resume without apparent ill effect. I will be able to check the affected plots in about 10 hours when they complete