How is you farm doing?

Hi again everyone…

Yesterday I opened a thread about starting a new chia farm with a $20,000 investment. If you want you can have a look here: How would you spend $20,000 on a chia farm?

So I got a few answers saying that the difficulty is increasing and that the profits shown in are actually not realistic.

So I’d like to ask to those who are mining:

What kind of hardware, how many terabytes do you have and what kind of profits are you having a month?

Are you getting at least 1 chia a month? / Can I expect to win at least 1 chia a month with a $20,000 investment / 400 Tb in farming equipment?

Thanks in advance,

At the current time yes. That would be roughly 2 chia every week. But as netspace continues to grow, expected win time gets longer and longer.

So… just to be sure, you estimate that with a 400Tb investment I could have, may have, about 2 chia a week?

At the current time yes. But netspace keeps growing so you need to factor that into your decision.

The netspace advance so fast, that you will halves your income in just 2 weeks…

Furthermore, if i understood, you didn’t already have 400TB, and to plot them it require much time… in that time, the prospective to earn 2 Chia per week is unrealistic.

For the time you plot 400TB you will need other 400TB, and the time you plot them, other 400TB… it’s endless man, take care