How long are final plots good for?

I dont understand something about the final plot saved in the farm.
How long time will they stay there?
I doont find this information anywhere

Thank you

As long as you want to farm them :wink:

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so I dont understand how they give the reward lol.
In base of what is the reward?
can you turn off the farm and then turn on?

You might want to read the whitepaper… but I will try to oversimplify. generally, people are trying to create as many plots as they can, as quickly as possible, and then ‘farm’ them forever. You could look at them like lottery tickets, with each block the chance you have to win is loosely based on how many plots you have. You want lots of tickets, and they remain valid for all the future lotteries. You can stop and start the farm, sure, but if it’s not running then you can’t win.


I read the green paper but I was confused about this argoument. Now is clear thank you so much.