How long before I start earning some Chia?

How long does it take before I start to earn some Chia?

Been farming for a while and just maxed out all my storage…

  • 6x 8TB HDD - Full
  • 2x 16TB HDD - Full

72TB should have earned me something by now…

Should it be taking so long?

With 728 solo plots, you might need to wait more than a year before you win. If I would be you, I would upgrade to the latest version of chia client and start converting my solo plots to NFT/poolable plots. That way, you can start earning chia tomorrow (albeit very small amounts, until you have converted all solo plots to poolable plots).

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OP - Important to realise that it’s simply down to chance

Because you haven’t won for two/three months doesn’t mean you’re any more likely to win in the next two/three months (in fact, you’re provably less likely due to expanding netspace)

Best think of it as a daily. chance of win - an “estimated time to win” of three months might be better thought of as approx 1/90 daily chance of winning which “resets” every day

Not sure I understand where @yengilz is coming from with the one year statement but agree, being part of a pool is more satisfying seeing the daily progress even if, on average, it doesn’t increase you long term prospects

With 728 solo plots, his expected time to win is 4 months ( It is fairly common to be “unlucky” and wait more than 300% of expected time to win before hitting a block. See flexpools historic % luck as a good example for how frequently this happens (Blocks | There are also several examples of this level of “unluck” in this forum (me included, see No rewards for 9863 plots for about a month for some inspiration).