How long will my hard drive last

I have a 2tb hdd and I farm chia. My hdd is a 2000gb Barracuda seagate.Model: ST2000DM001.How long do you think it will last before it breaks? And which hard disk not too expensive and which lasts a long time will you suggest to me?

2 to 10 year. Somewhere in that range.

Read some reviews from data centers, they publish results of the drives they use and life expectancy.

My 2TB disks only hold 17 plots…

you say that my hdd will last between 2 to 10 years even in chia farm?

Depends what drive you bought, and how you look after it , but yes, easily possible.

Make sure it doesn’t vibrate, get to hot, or to cold.

If I understand you right, you have just one 2TB drive that is basically your main drive, and you would also want to use it for chia farming. However, your primary concern is stability of your rig and your private data on that drive.

If that is the case, you don’t need to worry about chia, as it doesn’t put much load on a drive, especially a small one like yours. Yes, you will have to make sure that the drive is not going to sleep, but a constantly spinning drive is OK, as only the main spindle motor is active. Head movements will be rather negligible. So, nothing to worry.

Once you added the plots to a drive, it then just gets read over and over by the farmer, less wear and tear on the drive.