How many are still running Chia farm with a passion as last summer?

Space size was ever shot to ~ 40E, and now is ~ 27EB
Price is dived to ~50/XCH

I wake up every morning and say “Time to make the Doughnuts”

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$12,000 for hardware+1 year labor+electricity cost
What do you get in return? some xch and hardware. If I want to sell all of these now, the maximum is $6000.
Losing money is understandable because we took a risk. But the time and effort spent?

I spent around $4000 on hardware, but I did spend a lot of time on learning what kind of hardware to use. A few weeks after buying sever hardware Mad Max comes and I am just kinda kicking my self for buying a big loud computer. Could have just bought a more compact and much quiter 5950x based PC that can do the job just as well if not faster than the server stuff.

Still running strong here. Doubled my farm size to a little over 400tb this spring. Moving everything into Netapps and Poweredge R510, and will just let it harvest after I finish the plotting. Once plotting is finished I will put my low power TDP cpu back in and let it run as efficient as I can get it. For me its just a hobby, I like playing with the new equipment and learning.


how many XCH did you totally get by your 400TB farm?

sad to hear that the lost is almost 50% for your HW investment

I’ve got 1.3 PB and still running 24/7. Was solo mining up until Dec and then switched to Flex Farmer. Very happy with the change. Don’t have to worry about running the chia software and the payouts are basically what I expected solo mining. I also feel it’s more responsive when something does down or a drive stops responding. Speaking of Drives, I think I’ve RMAd close to a dozen drives to Seagate. Thank god for that 5 year warranty. :grinning:

I’ve farmed pretty much the whole time on Spacepool, and a little hpool before the official pools came out. I’ve earned roughly 19chia and in the last year only found 6 blocks that was on roughly 245 tb’s, just recently upgraded to 400tb range. Earning appx 0.1 chia / 24-25 hours .

I am. And I’m enjoying more and more return (XCH) because of people jumping ship. I now regularly get between 1.2 and 1.5 XCH per week. The current price sucks, but I still have another 4 years before I was planning on looking into cashing out. So as long as the Chia team continues down their planned path, I’m good.


I just purchased 100 more 12TB HDDs last week. My farm is now more than 10 PiB in size and I wish to continue toward my goal of 20 PiB. As I watch the price drop I’m also likely going to buy XCH while it’s on sale.

I’m going to HODL for the ride and hope and expect price to rise swiftly once a major event happens such as a big US exchange listing or the IPO.


Would it be safe to assume you win multiple blocks a day with 10PiB? Does the GUI even know how to calculate time to win with a farm that large. Asking for a friend :laughing:

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1 block per day is about 8PB farm I think
Edit: is that $160,000 for return of $100 per day?

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If it is, that’s a pretty good investment - hard to think of any other asset that has a yield of 22% per year with potentially much greater upside

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How hot (temp) were the drives running?

They tend to run 30-38 C

Do you have some fans on them? 4 Pack USB Brushless Cooling Fan 40mm Fan High Performance DC 5V Cooling Fan Speed 4200 RPM Fan for Small Appliances Series Replacement : Electronics

yes. Most are in bench test stand with dedicated fans (something similar to this: Disk Test Bench Case Bracket Rack DIY Enclosure Set Hard Drive 3.5" HDD Holder | eBay

My understanding is that normal operating temps of enterprise drives (which they all are - Seagate Exos) are between 25-55 C so they have been solidly in that range. I did have a fair bit of refurbished drives (from Seagate) and I have found that they tend to fail at a higher rate than new - which is somewhat expected. I’ve only had a couple that completely failed. The others I’ve replaced when they started to fail so that I don’t have to completely replot and can just transfer them to a replacement drive.


I have been running chia for about 1 year. I have worked up to 320 plots and I hope to make 1 coin in about 2 months time…basically when I have that coin I will sell all my kit I put together.

I reckon the kit I am using to be worth £1K. It also spend maybe 1 month been offline due to sync issues. Its not that I check it every day. For me as a limited farmer with space chia was never for me. Why I decided to spend time on it I dont know.

If however you have lots of plots that has not cost you lots of money then best of luck.

Passion? I always said, buy server grade hardware, plot, let it run. This is a long time project. ROI comes over years.

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