How many GB vram to farming

How many GB must have from farming?

depends Gigahorse or Chia client?

In any case not much, depends on the compression level used.

For c7 on chia’s client it’s something like 600MiB Vram

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From Chia client and bladebit plots

yeah ok, so for BB 600 MiB is used to farm C7 (K32), so pretty low Vram requirement
Future C8, C9, C… will be higher but dont know how much exactly.

Great .my laptop ( i5-4200 and NVIDIA 845m ) well be great so farming :crazy_face: thanks to answer

Ressources for farming are pretty low in memory requirement and seem to scale linearly with C and K levels. It’s the plotting that uses a lot of memory mainly.

Is there a chia client out already that uses gpu for farming?

Use Alpha 4.3

Darn I always miss these changes. Where was this announced? Discord?

any instructions on how to use it? Which OS? Would debian work or do I need to switch to Ubuntu to get the cuda support?

Does multiple GPUs work? Right now I have a gtx 1070. Can that handle 500tb c7?

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It was announced on Discord a few days ago. Discord is a single threaded mess, which is why I don’t like it, so unless you continuously read the thread its easy to miss stuff.

I’ve installed both the plotter and harvester on separate Windows machines, although there is Linux versions, sorry I can’t say which works better, or does or doesn’t work with regards to Linux.

You can’t use Windows 10 for plotting as there is a bug, so Linux or Windows 11
Harvester works fine on Windows 10.
No multi GPU support yet.

Sorry, no idea on the GPU - I’m using a 12GB 3060 for harvesting, and a 3080 for plotting.


Thank you. This is super useful. What is the size of your farm?

304 TiB uncompressed

Oh well you don’t need gpu then. Are you planning to move to compressed?

You asked what size farm, the uncompressed space is the best metric.

Yes I am moving to compressed. Currently running Chia Alpha 4.3. Currently plotting a couple of drives to C7, will plot higher once its available.


This forum is basically dead, thanks to trolls and lack of moderation… Don’t expect to get news here, you should go on Discord.

Nothing like a positive vibe.
Your still here, cant be that bad.

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Didn’t mean to come off as negative, just making sure newbies don’t get scammed.

I think @Voodoo is doing great job. I see he is checking all threads. I guess they don’t want to announce private dev build; then people will try to use it and ask too many questions.

In that note, I installed the farmer client from:

but it is still using CPU instead of CUDA. I can see the my GTX 1070 when I tried to use bladebit. Is there anythin special I need to do to start the farmer to use GPU?

@Voodoo helped me on Discord. Thanks a lot man!

It is working now! GTX 1070 is pulling all the weight. The trick was:

  • Delete old config.
  • Create new config via chia init
  • Change setting in config.yaml:
    use_gpu_harvesting: true

That’s it and it is working now! So much savings on power; amazing. Thank you @Voodoo for helping me over the weekend and all chia company employees pushing this project forward!