How many plots at the same time with this build? (64c/128t)

Hey guys, could anyone tell me how I should set up my Chia plotting with this build?(64c/128t) Thank you!

【CPU】AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X 64c/128t
【motherboard】Gigabyte TRX 40 AORUS PRO Wifi
【Ram】Kingston DDR4 3200 32GB * 8
【SSD Sata】Samsung 860 QVO 4T *2
【SSD NvmE】WD SN750 4T *3
【HDD Sata】WD Enterprise 18TB *6

I’m new to Chia project. Thank you for your help!

48 plots at the same time. The NVMe’s are limiting here.

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Do you think the NVME throughput or size would be the constraint?

If size, I have been experimenting with running more than plots on an SSD than it should theoretically be able to take (ie 10 parallel plots on a 2TB SSD, rather than 7 or 8). What matters is the average size of each plot in process, not the maximum size.

I’ve been watching ‘plotman status’ (and also df!) carefully and so far it’s working well. I would recommend higher staggering mins with this approach as s*it goes really wrong when the plotting tmp drive fills up. (don’t ask me how I know that :rofl:)

Now of course I am using 2TB SSDs so with the 4TB ones they might be more IO limited. I am not sure.

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Ah yes, I have heard that you can go beyond the storage size, but then its kind of risky and you need to attend to it more. I was giving the safety factor version. So, 4 plots per 1TB. Set it and forget it.

How many minutes of staggering do you do between plots when doing this?

Yeah I’m still playing around with the plotman settings to get it right. I think I need to actually increase the stagger so I have less phase 1 jobs running at a time. At the moment it’s only doing 6 plots on a 2TB drive. I get impatient and reduce the stagger but that’s actually making it slower ! :slight_smile:

See above :slight_smile: Currently doing 45 mins but I think I actually need to increase it.

Thank you! Just ordered two more NVME’s!

Thank you for your reply mate. That really helps!

Ok, now you should be able to do 75 in parallel because RAM is the next limit. If you get past that, its back to NVMes at 80. CPU is limited to the 128 that it has.

The most that can be plotted in parallel is 64? because the CPU is only 128 threads. And each plot requires 2 threads.

When you set the threads, it only uses that for phase 1 of the plotting. The other phases are all single threaded.

Also, you can set threads to 1, but it will plot slower. 2 is recommended because of the big boost it provides.

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So is 90 minutes still the accepted stagger time? What is the rough formula for how many plots you want to have in Phase 1 at any time? If that has been posted somewhere, I missed it. Thx!

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It is entirely dependent on your setup. The only way to know for sure is to run benchmarks and tests.


I actually just built a rig using the 3990x (MSI Creator TRX40 mobo, using Sabrent 4tb nvme’s, only 4x32gb ram)

You have any issues getting started with it? First testing, I’m seeing the CPU jump to 100% with 30 threads allocated (5 plots x 6threads per), so thinking there’s a setting I’m missing somewhere. You have anything similar?