How many plots at the same time with this machine?

CPU : AMD threadripper 2990wx
RAM : 128GB
SSD : Samsung 970 2TB x 4
HDD : WD Ultrasta 14TB x 4 raid 0

How many plots are possible at the same time?

In 1TB NVMe, I can fit 3 temp plots.

In your 2TB drives you can easily fit 6, possibly 7 temp plots.

So 6+6 or 7+7 in parallel. But make sure you properly split those runs between your NVMe drives.

I would use 3 threads per plot, you have plenty cores. Threads are only used in phase1, so for best perf, plots need to be staggered, so that not all 12 plots are in phase 1 at the same time.

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