How many plots in parallel on a 1tb SSD with 931GB free?

Dear friends,
Can anybody tell me for sure that how many plots can be made in parellel using a 1tb ssd that shows 931 GB in windows 10?
Your kind and quick respond would be greatly appriciated.

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At least 3 plots in parallel.

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See How Many Plots Can I Make a Day? – The Chia Farmer


Thank you so very much.

Depends on your CPU!
try this:

  1. If Drive has 260GB spare Space start Plot, wait some time .
  2. Watch average CPU usage (Taskmanager etc) / Ram-Usage
  3. If CPU/Ram-Usage is below 100% goto 1.

imho Idealy you start plots with -r 1 (use max 1 Core) and then start as mutch in parallel until you cpu hits 100% load.

If you dont have enough space to reach 100% cpu-load like this: start plots with -r 2

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Maximum 3. Each plot needs 290GB (270 GiB) working space.

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interesting do you have any information on your daily output using this method as opposed to using a more traditional approach? Also when doing such approach, do you disable HT on your machine?

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Unfortunately im not using fancy plotting-hw.
On a Phenom ii 4Core i get 6 Plots a day using 6 HDD, 1 Plot per HDD, no Raid, 6 Plots in parallel.

On an i5 4Core i get 1 Plot every 3.5 hours using a SSD-Raid of 250GB-Devices (3 as a Stripe for -t, 1 as dump for -2)

On the Phenom avg discload is around 40% but the CPU is never below 90%
On the i5 avg Rid-Load is on 60% but CPU is never below 90%

All i read about HT is not to use it. On single plots i couldnt make a big difference between w an wo HT.
On staggered parallel plots i would try using it. Different Plot-Stages = different CPU-workload = some HT scalingeffect

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