How much do you save NVME TBW resource plotting k32 with RAM disk

even if you have 128gb you still need nvme drive to plot. well the question is in the topic. what is the gain in term of drive lifetime. thanks

NVME is dirt cheap now. One can disregard the cost.


common jack you can do better

official plotter writes 1.6 TB of data per plot

Don’t know how much TB mad max write. Mad max does 3/4 work on tmp2

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yeah … right. you just disappoint me my friend.

I bought some 32GB stick for trying on my HP Z420. Will be 8x 32 to replace the 8x 16. Extra 128GB ram will replace the NVME. Extra 128GB is money. NVME is money. 128GB is more money but supposedly doesn’t die.

NVME does die. I had two died after hammering them with none stop plotting. One 500GB one 1TB. All nvme plotting on two Z2xx older machines.

They died. Not even can be recognized.

I pounded on Samsung 980 Pro, 2 TB, NVMe drives for something like 2+ years, and they show no sign of fatigue. But I also have good cooling.

Also, it will take more writes to kill a 2 TB drive vs a 1 TB drive (assuming same model line), because the larger drive will have more chips (or whatever the storage NAND fabric is called), resulting in the writes having more real-estate to pound on.

The 990 Pro is now out, and is supposedly noticeably faster than the 980 Pro, and costs more.

I can speak to the durability of the 980 Pro.
But I can only assume that the 990 Pro will be similarly durable.

On my AMD Ryzen 9 5950X system, running madmax, the 2TB 980 Pro was fast enough to keep my CPU pinned (or nearly pinned) through almost all of phase 1 and phase 3.

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best SSD Corsair MP600 2TB gives you about 9500 plots for about 0.042$/plot @ ~18min/plot in Madmax.

if you want extra crap at home, do not care about plotting price…old dual cpu servers
can give you full RAM plotting for about <0.1$/plot.

Samsung’s drives are the same speed as good old Corsair MP600, but bloody expensive. Each plot costs ~0.1 in comparison to 0.042$/plot.

You want the cheapest drive with max TBW. Anything below 3600TBW is waste of money for plotting. Unless, it has got miraculous double write speed…something like 2500GBs sustainable…there is no such drive in consumers market.

There was the famous Samsung 970 Pro…but once again too expensive.

Not sure that $$ idea is the best way to pick an SSD. Performance, sustained write speed, actual drive longevity, etc. … details like that are far more important than cheapest price based on a published TBW number for our purposes. And experience shows that your chosen TBW spec, although helpful to know when buying an SSD (and I would always check TBW) is, in and by itself, not an accurate SSD life expectancy parameter, as many here well know.

So figuring $/plot based on those TBW numbers are as inaccurate as the actual numbers themselves. Relying on them to make decisions about purchasing uses those bad numbers, so is not so good either to do that.

Bottom line message…test, verify, listen to other’s, and in the end, believe your own experience. Iif you’ve done that you will get the best SSD bang for your buck!


I have used Corsair MP600, WD SN850, Samsung 980Pro.

memory chips different, same manufacturers ( we know most chips are made by Micron, Samsung), performance same, same controller (most use Phison)…only difference is price vs TBW.

What do you want test with “experience”?

All SSD have TBW or 5 years…if your ssd dies, good for you…free plotting.

I had one Corsair MP600 that died prematurely…got new one.

All about price/plot and farm/hdd efficiency. Nothing else matters

My current MP600 is at 3720TBW…120 over and still works flat out…spitting 18min/0.05$/plot

I have always ran the Samsung 980 and 970’s and I have plotted and replotted with them. They are more than double the TBW warranty level and still no issues. I think if you buy a quality NVME and keep it cool (I have heat sinks with fans on each drive), they will run forever. Well, maybe not forever, but way way longer than you think.


Temperature is key. You can’t just let it fly and hope for the best. You will burn them up.


what is the temp of your 970 during plotting. mine is about 63 C

At the moment, I only have one plotter running and it has two 980 Pro 1TB’s in it. Both are temp folders for plotting. One is running at 35C and the other is 30C. Actively plotting 34 plots per day.

I run these to keep them cool. Night and day difference.

that is WOW. whole series of 970/980 are very hot devices. 75 C easily without cooler at all. so this thing down the temp up to 40 degrees in your case. unbelivable

To see the difference it makes, just take a case fan and sit it in your case pointing at the NVME, you will see the temp drop dramatically. That is what I did in the beginning. I had a stack of old pc’s and borrowed a fan and did this. That is what convinced me to buy those heat sinks with fans.

are we talking about full ploting using JUST nvme drive, ot ram disk is presented?