How much impact when adding more harvesters

Today I have 1 full node + 3 computers in harvester mode… So, how much impact add when we add more harvesters?
My harvesters are farming the same plots and I want to add more Harvester in this network, but this is beneficial or just an extra cost of energy.
With 1, 2, 3 harvester the full node show the same “time to win”.

It is possible to estimate how many harvesters per TiB is a good number?

Thank you

If you do it with the same plots then where is no sense in it. You need more harvesters if you have too many HDDs for one computer.
Also incorrectly configured harvester can be bad for farming.

So, if my plots are farming by a full node computer… I don’t need add more harvesters? :man_facepalming:

Harley1980’s answer is completely correct.
I will just add some more info in an attempt to clarify a bit. A full chia installation consists of several different processes (programs) that work together and communicate with each other over a network protocol. The main processes (programs) for farming are “chia_full node”, “chia_farmer”, and “chia_harvester”. There are at least two more but they are not relevant for this topic. The processes can run on one machine or on different machines. “Full node” talks with “Farmer” and “Farmer” with one or more “harvesters.” The full picture is here:

In your question you are asking “farming by a full node computer”. A “full node” cannot farm on its own. It needs a “farmer”, who needs at least one “harvester”. So if on that “full node computer” you also have a harvester than you do not need the other 3 computers. If it does not have a “harvester” you just need one of the harvester computers because you have the same plot files. It will make sense to have more than one harvester only if you give them different plot files. People usually do that in case where they have many many hard drives that cannot attach to one computer or there is some speed penalty because of many drives attached.


Question regarding a multi-harvester scenario.
Does the farmer send each signage point to ALL harvesters in its network or it selects?
I am running a 1 x full stack and 3 x harvester-plotter setup in the cloud. All my harvesters are talking to farmer on the main full stack node and I can see their plots appearing in the Farm windows. But I am just not sure if every challenge is being delivered to ALL my plots
So far I have 570 plots at about 57 TiB. Not a single win! :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally clear now, I’m very grateful!!!