How much ram for my rig?

My rig should be able to do between 16 to 75 plots in parallel. (OS ram shouldn’t matter too much. there are means of mitigating Linux ram usage.) 16 would be with 8 cores dedicated to each plot. I have a 128 gig kit, as well. It’s a bit slower than the newer 128 gig kits. Plotting 36 in parallel gets me really close to the 128 gig ram limit. I think I could push it up to 40 with a 256 gig kit. But, I might do far less in parallel depending on how well 8 threads plot (heard some arguments Ryzen chips do really well with 8) If I’m doing 16 at a time with 8 cores I’ll barely get to 64 gigs of memory.

With the 256 gig kit, though, I have options with ram disks. I might be able to do an extra plot in ram, or use the space as a cache if the SSD I’m dumping plots on runs out of space. 128 is a bit faster, and 256 offers some more room to experiment with. Anyone else see benefits to 256?

I don’t think RAMdisks are worth it at all.

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Unless 1 queue in RAM and all others in the normal mode.
The 1 in RAM will go through its cycle faster than others, but yeah, just one instance.

From my personal experience, I would say do not use disk cache, it dumps too much of repetitions and makes your temp drive “completely RED”, blocking everything going on.

DDR5 is going to be crazy for this. I think it can go up to a terabyte of memory, and is much faster than 4. I guess if I don’t need that much ram I can always return it.

The “15 plots every single day” machine! Specs:
Intel i7-12**K
Motherboard socket LGA 1700 (Intel 12th/13th gen)
60GB OS drive
No, extra cost, runs every day providing 15 plots per day.