How Much $/XCH?

Since we are getting close to the first day of trading, what is the minimium price you would consider to continue harvesting new plots?

I start: $500/XCH

This is my idea!

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I’m not selling. My costs seem to be $150/xch for my little home rig with no profit, but its gone from 1 reward a day, to not looking good, last reward the 24th, so this may be the bulk of the chia I ever get. With this much attention why sell?


I’m very curious to see if starting Monday, network growth is going to accelerate or actually contract. I think a lot of people might grow disenchanted with how long they have to wait to win (ignoring pools) without making a massive investment to stay caught up with the net space.


The question is not about how much you would sell it for but looks like people are reading it that way.

I’m considering this as a long term investment (minimum 3 years). I’ve already set up my rig and halfway through filling the space I allocated for farming purposes so even at low double digits I would not stop plotting.

Based on the price I will make 2 decisions:

  • Buy XCH from exchanges (if the price is too low)
  • Buy more equipment to speed up plotting and/or storage for farming (if the price is too high)

@lcc Curious, why do you plan to stop plotting if it’s below $500/XCH? Are you planning to sell your rig to recoup some of your investment or just save yourself some time and maintenance headache?

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Yeah, that’s what I’m interested in to see as well. I’m also wondering if the other Proof of Space coins and Chia will co-exist or Chia will wipe them out. Miners/farmers of those coins already have space. If they funnel their resources into Chia it might accelerate netspace growth even further. Will be fun to be around to observe all this stuff.

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if it goes for $1000 a coin as IOU seem to suggest then it will be a blood bath come Monday. HDs will tribble/quadruple in value and the Netspace will double every day. until the difficult is 1000+

Should Chia be worth 50 cents then it will go the other way.

P.S. this is not trading advise just my crazy thoughts. Your a mad man if you following my thoughts.

I see it exactly like you, depending on the price I will upgrade my farm or buy XCH.

But I think next week, specially Monday, won’t be a good day to make any long-term decision, probably will need a few weeks to stabilize a little bit demand-offer because of the hype we are experiencing.

I just expect huge volatility in XCH price, netspace and even HDDs prices next week.

I think some are under the mistaken impression that hard drives are like GPU’s. The scale of storage has been for some two decades orders of magnitudes larger than GPU’s. (that’s not even considering the release innovation schedule which is like annually for GPU vs like 5 years for storage) We’re currently experiencing a supply constraint due to exponential retail demand. I think the more apt comparison is to TP back in April of 2020. Yes it was a pain, and for a couple months the demand exceeded the supply, but the issue wasn’t a shortage of TP but a massive surge in retail DEMAND.

UPDATE: a insider just validated my analysis:


just like when AMD say the 5900x would not be constrained and 5 days later it was.

Nobody really knows for sure but if you ask me short term its going to go nuclear Monday if price goes above $1000.

I’m now thinking of selling SSDs I bought on Monday. Come Friday the price at my retailer rose 70%. I don’t think anyone will be restrained in hiking prices by the depth of supply. It took HDD prices years to come down after the flood in Thailand.

But if the IOU is US$, 1,000, that’s the price you can sell it today, right?

not really, come the day they land on real exchanges the price could be 50 cent. Its a good price guide but not a real price for real people.

I think the break even price should be around 900 but we’ll have a long way till reach it. Chia will change so much the entire blockchain industry and the concept behind decentralized currency. Good luck everyone :star_struck:

When should you buy XCH and where? Do you think Coinbase will offer the possibility?

For 50cent I think that’s gonna be cheap cheap cheap

Have you looked at

may3 10amPDT but which exchages

yea saw a paragraph re deflationary 1st 12 years rewards halve at the end of every 3rd year. 13th year onward constant rewards 4 chia every 10 minutes

I’m not sure how much faith I’d put in that $1000 IOU price. The volume has been very low ( a few coins per day). Most of the outstanding buy orders are small (0.01 - 0.1 coin). Seems like folks trying to establish a price without putting much on the line. Lets see what the real trading with some volume brings.