How often do you update your farmer (made via git clone)?


I am using Ubuntu on all my chia-related machines: personal computer, plotter, and raspberry pi4 used as a farmer. On all machines, I did a separate install and then added my personal keys via chia keys add.

The question that’s been running in my head now is: since chia project is regularly updated, my chia code (which has been cloned maybe a month ago) is actually quite a few commits behind. Should I update? Do you?


I wait until there is a release tag.

The only time I pulled from a branch other than a release tag was when there was that negative bug in 1.1.4 and everyone was unable to sync, I figured it couldn’t hurt to get what the developers were working on before anyone else - if something similar happened I might do the same thing, but otherwise I’ll continue to wait for release tags.

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