How protect our chia coins

I was thinking about how to protect our coin.
what do you think about a new installation of chia and move all chia farmed in the new wallet.
The idea is to put the new installation in a viratual machine with virtual box in the same machine where I am farming or mayb ein other one.
What do you think?
It is necessary or not?
Your experience?

I don’t think u can be too carefull handling your crypto. Keeps me up at night.
Nuckle app. The app endorsed by chia is a cool “idea” but I just tested it and it fails to send xch.

It will receive your xch than it’s stuck there. In the ap.

So make sure u test every app first… but looks like the safest method. And the method I use painfully…

Creat a vm.
Install chia.
Creat new wallet Sync.
No farming or plotting…
write down ur secret key And wallet address.
Deleate the virtual machine.
And send all ur xch to the address…
Bury your paper with the key and wallet address on it.
Than. This is the key :key: >>>>>
Find a pointy stick. Dig a hole with it. Bury it. Hop on 1 foot. And sing a pirates :pirate_flag: life for me.

Ur chia will be safe


Or ssimilar.


why delete the vm?
I dont understand what is the differenc with my idea? :sweat_smile:

just sharing what I do. but why keep the vm? its only a security risk to keep it around for longer than it needs to be. it holds the access to your chia… if the machine is gone it cannot be tampered with… in any way shape or form…
why its a cold wallet…
you don’t intend to use it until ur absolutely ready.
cause u have to than make a new vm. enter your key and re sync. to access the funds… ice cold my guy

in my eyes the most secure way is the method I described.

its safest when its nothing more than some words on some paper. with a wallet receive address that you keep to yourself. both hand written.

I understand
well but when i sand chia to the new wallet I dont need to sync it?
or it is not necessary.
what do you think about to put the installation of vm on a pen drive?

Check out Chia’s suggestion on Cold Storage and read the linked pages talking about key management and good security practices.

Your idea of moving the farmed chia to another wallet is a good idea. Having that on another VM on your farming machine is a little risky though. I’d keep it completely separated and generate the cold keys from a non-internet connected device before saving them and destroying the installation.

No. Sync is so the wallet has up-to-date information on coin spends. With Chia 1.3, there is a light wallet that doesn’t require storing or syncing the full blockchain. If you ever want to spend the chia from the cold wallet, import the mnemonics into a light wallet and it’ll see the chia pretty much instantly, and allow you to spend it.

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Another idea is to boot to a Linux Live CD/USB stick then create a wallet and then reboot.

If you wanna go another step further you can use Shamir’s Secret Sharing algorithm here:

Save the webpage for offline use. Then, take the seed on a computer that’s never been the internet and or load it into a VM and load the offline web page and put the seed into the algorithm. Then, take the shares and split them up in a safe place as a backup to your backup. My colleague went and gave shares to trusted family members so in the event of his death the message could be reconstructed.

I am doing following your suggestione.
When I will have the new wallet (the cold) can I change the received wallet in the pool?
Or it is better send chia to the cold wallet manually? :thinking:

I have been manually sending payments to my cold wallet as soon as I have 10 XCH to transfer. I don’t want my cold wallet getting dusted.

Better to send manually. To the cold wallet. Keeps it low low key.
And better to not mess with any non default configs. Unless it’s dire.

there is a way to check the balance of the cold wallet?
can I use ?

Yes you can use chia explorer or xchscan (any blockchain explorer will show you your balance)

some tho not so reliable… and charge xch to “name/claim” your wallet

Within 1 week I plan to show 3 ways to creta a cold wallet. Waiting on hardware to create the video with all details.

sorry but I don’t understand what do you mean exactly? :thinking:

Just instantly Transfer them to a cold wallet or exchange. You could even write a Script to automat that.

Somone should develop a hardware wallet… or some sort of ubuntu server install on a usb with only a chia wallet on it… plug it in to any computer… let it catch back up till sync, automated of course… vwuala… couldn’t be to hard really.
id pay big money for a hardware wallet.

nucle is option endorsed by chia.

but sadly I can’t seem to send chia out of nucle just to it
cool app/idea tho…