How should I upgrade Chia v1 DB with boot drive almost out of space?

My Chia v1 DB (blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite) is almost 80GB which has almost filled up my boot drive.

I’ve recently upgrade to Chia 1.3 so I can run “chia db upgrade” to create an upgraded, smaller version, but there’s not enough space on my boot drive for both the v1 and v2 Chia DB.

Any ideas on what I can do? I have another mounted empty hard drive with plenty of space. Just not sure if I can (and how to) temporarily migrate Chia files to it to do upgrade, and then back to the boot drive with the v2 database. My Chia server is on Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance!

Just buy a Samsung 870 evo 500gb disk and clone yours onto it and you’re done.

chia db upgrade %userprofile%/.chia/mainnet/db/blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite d:\blockchain_v2_mainnet.sqlite

For anyone else stumbling on this thread, or anyone who wants to do the upgrade on a system with very little spare disk space (e.g., a VPS), the Elysium Pool bootstrap can be used to switch to the v2 update as follows.

  1. Upgrade Chia to v1.3.1. Stop the Chia program.
  2. Follow the instructions on the Elysium Pool bootstrap page to download the v2 database torrent and extract it.
  3. Edit the .chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml file to change the line that says database_path: db/blockchain_v1_CHALLENGE.sqlite to database_path: db/blockchain_v2_CHALLENGE.sqlite (i.e., change v1 to v2).
  4. Start the Chia program as usual.