How to auto start the harvester on restart?

Title says it really… I can setup autologin and launch the GUI, but how would I get past the requirement to click on the keys to use?

The search function is a great tool!

I’ve not tried this, but maybe its what you need.

I shut off automatic updates.

So did I but still shuts down for some crazy reason.

That’s awesome. Thanks @Bones

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You need to do the OS updates. Setting up auto harvesting means you dont need to restart the harvesting even after you manually apply updates.

I manually do the updates so I’m in control and know when it needs to be rebooted.

Do you need to? I’m quite sure everything starts up fine without selecting a key.
Maybe only works if you have only one key there, but I think selecting a key in the GUI is only for viewing/editing not required to start the actual farmer.

Many thanks. I didn’t realise that @Voodoo

I use this for shutting off windows updates, I think it just disables the “windows update service” in services.

I do updates then reboot, check plots, etc… every 1-2 weeks manually.

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