How to automatically moving plots from plotters to farmers


I’m trying to automate my farm to make plotting easier. At the moment I’m trying to find the best way to move the final plots form plotting PC’s to final destination.

To understand my situation better you my setup is following.
Plotters: 10x HP 600 G3 i7-7700T tiny computers 9-10 plots a day ea.
Main: Fujitsu W550, 22TB storage (10drives)
Other storage in network:
2xFujitsu W550 17TB (6 drives) and 16TB (6 drives)
30x5TB USB
7xUSB Dock slots
2x20TB NAS
and more on the way. I think I still have about 100 SATA and USB drives.

All the drives are small 2-6TB. So the space is not very easy to use or manage. My idea is to setup secondary tmp drive. That is the destination where the plotters will automatically move plots when they are ready.

So now we are in the situation where in need help. I would like to automatically move the plots form 2nd tmp to the final destination. The problem is how. Is there a software or scrips that can find empty space from the network? Or can I somehow make a rule like ”move next 20 plots to \F2\H, next 30 to \F3\X …” I’m using Windows 10 GUI, but testing CLI also with two computers at the moment.

I would think others are also thinking or already resolved this.

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i think you can do that with plotman, but not really sure if it works on windows…
have you checked if you can do that with swar?