How to calculate compression workload limit given a specific CPU

Are there any good resources for understanding how CPU performance requirements scale given plot compression levels (either using some standardized benchmark measure for each CPU or with a bunch of individual CPU examples)?


There isn’t yet, it’s still very new. You can run a simulation with your own hardware to maximize its potential.

On the official Discord you’ll find two polls that collect that type of data, the results will be shared there too.

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There’s a bunch of results here:

Most is GPU but also some CPU results.

you can download the latest bladebit alpha (Index) and run the bladebit simulate on your CPU:
./bladebit_cuda -t <threads> simulate -p <parallel context> -n 1000 --no-cuda <plotfile>

Threads x parallel context = total system threads
So if you have a 2c4t CPU, you can try -t and -p 1:4, 2:2 and 4:1

./bladebit_cuda -t 2 simulate -p 2 -n 1000 --no-cuda C:\K32-C4-abc123.plot

In general CPU performance scales pretty ok with passmark multicore results


You can try Gigahorse tools to estimate max plot size.

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