How to check for duplicates across different machines?

Title really is the question!

Is there a way to check if any duplicate plots across the entire chia plotting/harvester network?

Like many, I tend to plot on one machine and move across at least a portion of plots to a separate harvester machine.

I have a plotting machine with about 20TB of plots on it but my main harvester is on a separate machine with many more plots.

Using the cmd line below only seems to show duplicates on a given machine.

.\chia.exe plots check -n -0 -l

Any ideas how to easily check if there are duplicates between the plotter & the harvester(s) or between multiple machines?

You could always mount up all your storage network drives and add those network drives (temporarily) to 1 PC’s Chia app. From there, run the command and only the folders defined within the Chia app will be scanned. Even network drives. You just have to remember to remove those network drives from the system/chia app you added them to and you should be fine.

Thanks yea, this is the only real way I can think to do it - fortunately my harvester is mostly external drives so not a major hassle

You can use CCleaner>Duplicate File Finder>Select your drives this will scan all the drives for duplicate files.