How to check pool wins on the blockchain?

Some pools publish their won blocks on their homepage or discord, but I think farmers should be able to verify all pool winnings on the blockchain as well, right? I’d like to know how to do that. After all, the official pooling protocol is supposed to not require trust.

I’ve looked at the pooling protocol specification and it seems that the only kind of blockchain address that you can get from the pool is the target_puzzle_hash from the /pool_info endpoint. This is also logged in the client’s debug_log. I’ve tried looking up my pool’s target_puzzle_hash on Chia Explorer but the search doesn’t seem to be working, just displays “Loading…”. (Might be a problem with Chia Explorer.)

I’ve also tried looking up the “Target address (not for plotting)” that is output from chia plotnft show. That gives more useful info, as that address has several incoming transactions of 1.75 XCH. Unfortunately the “height confirmed” for those transactions doesn’t match the won block numbers published by the pool, but lags ~30-40 blocks behind. So I feel that these are not the originally won blocks, and I wonder if there’s some way to get those directly. Also I’m not sure if these are all the blocks won by the pool, in case that the pool has multiple (geographically distributed) servers with different URLs.

Does anybody know a better way of checking pool wins on the blockchain? Thanks.


Did you solve your lookup obstacle?