How to check the Response Time

Hello guys,
Could anybody tell me how to check the response time?
Thank you in advance.

Find your config.yaml , open it and edit it , you needto alter the line that says WARNING ( to do with log levels) delete WARNING and replace with INFO.
Close and save it.

Then let some logs build up with your new settings.

You can then look through your logs and will be able to see your response times.


A dashboard is a nice option. I use farmr:

Farmr keeps track of a lot of valuable information. When you first run farmr it also changes the log to INFO if you have not done so already.


I must get around to trying this does look like a good tool.


Farmr is an excellent tool.

Super simple to install and run. joaquim always has his update out soon after upgrade and his dashboard has gradually improved. I definitely recommend it.

If not for farmr I would not have even known that I had a multiple NFT problem let alone figured it out.

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