How to Connect the Light Wallet to a Trusted Node

I want to speed up sync times of the light wallet by connecting it to a trusted node. Specifically, connecting my light wallet on my laptop (light wallet computer) to my full node on my farming computer (trusted node) on the same network.

Does anyone know how to do this?

I spent 10 min playing around with the CLI on my light wallet computer, but the commands I tried don’t work. For example any chia configure commands only work if you’re running a full node on that computer.

Connecting from the full node to the wallet, so the other way around?

In config.yaml the target_peer_count in the wallet section is 3 so localhost and two external ip’s only.
So maybe set this higher to have enough time to connect into it before it finds two outbound peers and is full up…?
Or do something in the firewall on your network of the light wallet machine to prevent it from getting an outbound connection, although this may overshoot your goal…

Above (config.yaml I checked) was on a 1.3 beta machine in Wallet mode, so maybe different for earlier light wallet beta?!?

Id suggest trying out 1.3 beta client for light wallet mode. I found the synchronisation to be plenty quick. It took roughly 5 Minutes on my computer to sync 3 Weeks which would previously take hours.

Note that it is not recommended to lift the farm to 1.3 and it is still a beta. Just the client you use to access your Wallet.

Turns out the ability to point to a trusted node isn’t a feature yet but will be added at a later time.

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The Chia Wiki has instructions on how to set this up: FAQ · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub