How to create a genesis block (I'm starting an alt-chia)

Hi all,

I’m a huge fan of Chia. I’m looking for support to start an alt-chia (maybe the first?) both as a way to learn about the technology and a fun moonshot kind of activity.

I have a small cute dog, a domain name, and I’ve managed to configure the standard Chia client to use a new network and token - HOWEVER, I don’t know how to generate the genesis block which kicks the whole thing off.

Does anyone out there understand the process to generate a genesis block? I’d love to have chat, or get some pointers.

First, grab a fork from the kitchen drawer … :crazy_face:

Minimal changes were made, mostly branding.


what is FREEZE mean?Could you said more clear?How to do it generate a genesis block?

Let’s be honest… if you can’t read the source code part that includes the “freeze” values you need to alter to generate the genesis block… then you probably should not be trying to make your own fork.


Sir,I change net port,but i don’t know how to generate the genesis block,what file should i read and change?help me sir,thank you very much

flax is the best fork so far, simply because they changed the least of the Chia code :slight_smile:

if you want to fork then start with their github repo, check out their diffs with Chia code.

I read flax source, even buid client and runing,but i can’t find how can i generate the genesis block

if you can’t figure it out together with me pointing at a specific function in the code, then this is probably not for you… no offense.

Yes sir,you are right.But i really very interested of this,i am a java coder not a python coder,could you help me?I can pay for you,sir

The blockchain will create the first genesis block by itself based on the genesis challenge value.
For me this seems to be a simple “random” sha256 value…

nope,GENESIS_CHALLENGE and AGG_SIG_ME_ADDITIONAL_DATA and other we change,but the net can’t synced,it allway 0 height

Do you have connected a farmer with at least one plot?
Is at least one timeloard running…?
Please explain your setup more precice…

yes, it looks like this

What services are you running?

You need at least one full node, a timelord and a harvester with at least one plot.
I think you are missing a timelord…

Is at least one timeloard running…? what is this mean? i build client ,and runing on two computer by full node

If you don’t know that, then you should continue read up on it first…

Here is explained how you build a timelord: chia-blockchain/ at main · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub


it looks like this , hadn’t a timelord ?

thank your, sir.Let me have a try

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sir,how to get the genesis challenge value and GENESIS_PRE_FARM_POOL_PUZZLE_HASH and GENESIS_PRE_FARM_FARMER_PUZZLE_HASH value?