How to distinguish original OG plots from new portable plots?

I happen to have few hdds on which I’m not sure if I still have the OG plots or if I already replotted them. How can I find out? I’m on Ubuntu, any way that could tell me that would be cool.

They only way I know is looking at the creation time, annoying but mostly workable

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I’m sure there’s something in the file, I can probably write a script or tool for it. I’ll give it a shot when I’m back at the computer.

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I don’t think there is a physical difference. Or in the naming. You can either do what @Voodoo says and record when you started to plot the new plots (any plot with a creation date before that is an OG plot) or you can do what I did and on every drive I have two folders (OG Plots, Portable Plots). And store in each folder accordingly. I find this method has multiple benefits. The biggest benefit is that I can farm the folders independently without farmers/harvesters stepping on each other. Currently, I have Hpool farming all my OG Plot folders while Poolchia (using the Chia App) is farming the Portable Plots folders. Working well.


I got prepared for multiple NFTs, and I’m putting my portable plants in a directory named with the start of the NFTs address

I had this problem last night. Couldn’t remember if I had re-plotted a drive.

If you run chia plots check then OG plots will have a Pool public key: and NFT plots won’t.

Screenshot from 2021-07-17 15-51-14

You’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: Forgot to mention. You can run
chia plots check -g /path/to/drive/or/plots
to check a particular drive or directory.


first check the plot filename, it contains datetime information, date before July, 7. is the OG plots, the others, you can use chia plots check for top 10 or 50 of them sort by date asc, until find some NFT plots, the left is NFT plots

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wow that works! I thought it’d be more difficult than that as people seem to have hard time with this. Thanks.

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Also shows up on the plot tab in the GUI - check the Pool Contract column - if it contains something then it’s an NFT plot

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