How to extract Plot Key and find out which plot won the block?

I asked the question on some older topic that is maybe not the right one so I’ll post it separately.
I had to do some debugging of plots that found the proof but did not win the block but logs and ChiaExplorer show only Plot Key that can be found only in GUI and can’t be cross-referenced with existing .plot files.

Is there a way to get list of Plot Keys corresponding to PlotID or Plot Filename?
Currently I can see it only this way:

I can’t “Search” through them easily but page by page and visually since I can’t select them with mouse and “Ctrl+F” to make it more easy.
Is there a way to see the list somewhere?

There was an overly complicated solution here:

Is there a better way to find out whick Plot Key corresponds to what PlotID/Filename and vice versa?

I found some stupid, manual way to do the search but I’m complete noob on this matter and there must be more automated way.

Noob way to do it:
On GUI go to “Plots” tab, open “View>Developer>Developer Tools” and there on tab “Elements” you can “Ctrl+F” your Plot Key on current page.
Repeat same procedure on every page of you plots (show 100) until you find your desired Plot Key and compare it to Filename on the “Filename” column.

I feel silly just by writing this that shows how noob my IT skills are :slight_smile:
Can somebody point us noobs a quicker way to search for it?

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Simple question, Why? Why do you want to find the plot that won?

It doesn’t matter why. I just want to do it.
But nevertheless here is a usecase:
I found a solution on Flax but did not win a block. I got a log where I have Plot Key that had the solution so I wanted to investigate what was wrong.
Long story short I found a plot file after a long time of visually searching through GUI (above technique) and did “plot check -n xx” to test is that plot is ok without testing 1300 plots on blind to eliminate that plot is bad or something.

Another usecase: I want to buy a golden HDD with diamond engraved letter of plot filename that won my chia and show it to my grandkids, maybe even Obama or sell it on Pawn shop :slight_smile:

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So use case 1: You are assuming that whatever affected that one plot did not do the same thing to your other 1300 plots. So why test one and overlook the fact that you may have a bigger problem.

Use case 2: Just engrave any random combination of letters and numbers. Nobody will know the difference. Don’t waste your time.

I’m honestly not trying to be a pain in the butt. It just seems like you are chasing something that doesn’t matter. If you suspect that your plots have issues, run a scan on all of them to eliminate the possibility or confirm the issue. Hunting down the one file that might have an issue doesn’t really help anything.

But whatever reason it is it should not be questioned, reasons could be purely exploratory.
It is functionality of the technology and I want to explore it, maybe I will come to a usecase for it, maybe I won’t and maybe question “why would you” is valid.
A lot of great findings emerged from exploration on worlds functionalities when everyone questioned the crazy fools “why would anyone”, so we got a Viagra, chirarity, antibiotics, plastics , microwaves, vaseline.

I just want to learn, maybe down the road there could be something. Maybe only plots with number 69 or even 42 win the blocks. Maybe only ones created when moon aligned to venus on subsign of Libra :smiley:

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Is there any better solution for this ATM?

I haven’t found any that doesn’t require some manual scripting and fiddling with keys. I would be very happy if there was one click solution or at least few simple steps.