How to farm Chia with 2 different wallets

My brother is farming Chia with a full node. I read that you should never use 2 full nodes on one network, but since I want to farm Chia too, how can my brother and I both farm with our own wallet/plots from one network? Just to be clear, we don`t want to share a wallet and we both have our own storage, we just dont have 2 external IP-addresses so we are not able to forward 8444 to 2 different full nodes.

I know theres alot of questions out there about multiple systems on one network, but I cannot seem to find how to fix my specific issue. Any idea`s would be helpfull.


Hmm, you want two different nodes on the same network.

It should work, I guess in that case neither node can have port 8444 forwarded so you will both be at a disadvantage, but that’s not a happy solution…

Perhaps one could have port 8444 forwarded, and the other could use a VPN? I think that’s the only way.

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First, make sure to disable UPnP in the Chia config file or on your router.

It might even be possible to use port forwarding for both clients. You could give it a try. Forward 8444 to your brother’s node and reconfigure your node to use a different port (e.g. 18444). You can do that by replacing every instance of 8444 in config.yaml with the new port number, except for the port of and restart your node. I haven’t tested it, but I guess it should work.


Thanks for the information, I will give it a try to use another port. If it doesn`t work it should give errors/warnings in the log I assume?

Will the wallet have trouble connecting to the network? Even with one node in the network it often gives 0 connections.

Would like to know this also. Did you get it sorted?

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fwiw. i really have no idea what i’m doing, but i maxed out my first first farm (75 TiB) and started on a second one… same wallet, same network. shortly after firing up this second farm (10 TiB) i won 2 XCH.

Let’s complicate the task: We need to have one Full Node in the local network and 2 Farmer+Harvester+Wallet for each of the brothers. Is it possible?