How to find chia used plot after signature


Is there a way to find chia used plot after signature ?

Is-it necessary to find this plot, remove-it and replace-it ?

Is the a way to find easily the path with the Chia Windows app ?

Thx in advance for your response

No, not at all. you can keep the plots, they can win again

I have heard that it’s recommended that a winning plot be deleted on mainnet? - FAQ · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

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Interesting, never read that part before.

Very vague statement though. It’s a possible risk, because someone can do something maybe but if your farm is not to big it’s probably not a problem, maybe…well anyway it’s optional.

Anyone care to translate that post from the Chia wiki into sensible English for me? :sweat_smile:

To delete a plot, in order to mitigate the risk that @Jacek provided a link to, you first have to identify which plot won.

How do you identify which plot won?

For me, the question is how much of that language is used to build the product (e.g., those plot checks covered in the other thread). :slight_smile:

Nah, I agree with @Voodoo that maybe, but probably, if it is Tuesday, then potentially you should look into that.

If that would be a real threat, as in that explanation, there would be already a code change in the farmer to force to drop such plot.

I agree.
However, I am still interested to know how to identify which plot won.

Older article but should still work

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I am a bit weary about entering my wallet’s receive address into a web site.
I would rather not make that address public. I am probably concerned over nothing. But if a bad actor knows that that address had a win, maybe there is a vulnerability that could be exploited?

After skimming through: 3.14 Relevant Attacks and Countermeasures | Chia Documentation
… I realize that this is complicated stuff, and there are people way smarter than me that know how to find chinks in the armor. So the best plan I have to protect myself is to not share information that might seem harmless (at my level of understanding).

Hopefully, a new version of Chia will include functionality that identifies winning plots, so that we do not have to depend on 3rd party sites for the answer.

I guess the Chia developers have enough to do, and consider that identifying the winning plot to 1) not be a security issue, and 2) be only informational that adds little value to the Chia ecosystem, 3) be of little interest to most users.

I have two harvesters. I was just curious if my wins were coming from both. One harvester is on my full node. The other harvester is remote. If no wins have come from the remote machine, I would want to know. The GUI recognizes all of the plots. But winning is the ultimate determiner of it working.

By the way @Voodoo, I was amused when I read the following in the article you provided that the blockchiain: “I believe it is over 1GB in size at this point.”