How to find out which farmer the XCH come from?

Well, I have several farmer PCs. and i got a XCH reward.
How can i check which PC harvest it?
I’ve check the chainexplorer web, to see the detail of the Block, but don’t know which informasion is useful.

As far as I know, the only way is in the debug log. But they are only kept for so long (only 7 rotating logs by default). So if you don’t check right away, you may not catch it. Just search for “Found 1 proofs”. I run chiadog to notify me of this. With that running, you will be notified when there are issues and also it give you a daily summary that includes vital information like XCH wins and average search times.


thx a lot. and i think maybe i setting different reward address to separate different PC? well, the wallet address can be refresh new, each PC use one different address, and when rewarded, check the incoming wallet address, Is this way OK?

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Sounds like you are making it complicated, but it would work. Why do you need to know where it came from? As long as they are all running like they are supposed to, that is all that matters.

cause I use one same private key with several friends.
we all trust each other. but need to find out who win the reward :joy:

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