How to fork Chia?

Hi Everyone,

If you want to make a fork of Chia, this post key words may be helpful for you.

1 install timelord and start.
if you have a error “error not active for 60 seconds restarting all chains”, please change the 60 to 600 seconds.

2 prepare 10T or 20T plots to boot up.
if you not have enough plots, you can change the NUMBER_ZERO_BITS_PLOT_FILTER value to 1 in file.

3 change port and icon

4 if the NUMBER_ZERO_BITS_PLOT_FILTER is 1, it is very easy and find so many proof, the chain do not how to design which miner is to be give, so you need to increase NUMBER_ZERO_BITS_PLOT_FILTER 1 by 1 and finally find the value to let find a proof in one or two minutes.

in short, too easy, not worked, too difficulty, alow not worked.

I use 11T Plots to boot up,and most case will genesis a block in two minutes. I think it is ok, once the plots is going on, chain will be make block in 18.75 seconds(10 minutes 32 blocks).

I will continus to finish this post.

Good Luck.

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People who have no clue about github and the fork button should not waste time of forking…


Thank you so much for sharing.
Anything update?

Any updates to this guide? Anyone know how to start a new blockchain forked from the newest version of chia?
I know the world is already full of chia based shitcoins. Id just like to start something small that me and my classmates can mess around with and learn from, sort of like our own testnet.

Suggested research links for Chunkofchia and your classmates:

Good luck and be well! :smiley:

Great; Now send me the google link that explains how to start a brand new blockchain, and what files to alter to change block time, rewards, etc.

This is a forum for Chia Farmers and Traders to help each other out, not a classroom.

I gave you five good links to start your research.

Try this

No offence but you are asking a 101 here, it’s like asking “please teach me how to build a house”
You need to do some research first and get your head around the basics. Then you can ask specific questions about stuff you can’t figure out.
Otherwise you’re most likely to get smart-ass answers like “press the fork button on github”


Following along with your build a house analogie, its more like asking whats the best way to lay out a septic system for a residential building, and you posted images of 18th century cottages, and tell me to read random books on carpentry.
I know how to use google. (Thats how I found this thread.)I know how to fork a basic github project. Im fully capable of reading a manual, the problem is there is no manual for starting your own blockchain based off the newest version of chia coin.
Your post are not in any way helpful. In fact theyre down right toxic. Ive read more inciteful threads on 4chan.
If you dont know the answer to a question on a forum your best course of action is to just not reply.
With that said… If anyone here does have experience with successfuly running a blockchain forked from chia pls give us your insightes on mozilla certs, common compilation errors, and any difficulties you ran into while starting your project. Contructive comments are greatly appreciated. Ty

Exactly zero people are going to help you considering the Mt. Everest sized sense of entitlement you’ve displayed so far.

You are coming here asking for help, for someone to voluntarily share their knowledge and time. In that case, perhaps your best course of action, is to humble yourself.

Take the entitlement to a 0 and crank the humility all the way up to 11.

Do that and you’d be surprised how helpful people can be on this forum. Now would you like to start over?


For some reason they want money to teach you all of these things …