How to get a bunch of disks online for cheap?

If I do this right I’m going to end up having a ton of disks. Maybe, 100 plus. I’m trying to figure out how to get them online rather economically. So far the best options seem to be a Raspberry Pi with a HAT getting four disks up for about $25 each. I did figure out a cpu and mobo combo that could definitely get this up for about $6 less per disk. I figure with RAID cards it’s possible to get a cheap mobo hosting 40 or more disks. How much performance would I actually need for 40 disks?

Another option is plugging a bunch of disks through a USB hub to something economical. That might even be less than $19. Issue here is it seems unreliable, and requires SATA to USB converter cables. Some of those seem rather sketchy. I could also try a SATA splitter, but that just sounds like a good way to lose multiple disks.

Nuc’s seem like an option too. I just have not found any with enough SATA ports to make it economical. Have any recomendations?

You can do a ghetto build of the Storage Pod 6.0, or even just get inspiration from their partslist

That’s around purchasing a used server. I’d assume replace some of the hardware too. I think that’s probably the most economical, securest, and easiest to manage long term. In the short term I’m fine with something less than ideal.

I just wish I knew how much ram I needed per disk, and how strong the cpu should be. What type of server boards should I look for? I understand the consumer products, but don’t know which board features I should want.

Sorry, I thought you meant just bringing the storage online, but I see you mean actually setting up a full plotting and harvesting farm. I’d start with a basic guide to farming Chia and take it from there. What you will end up with all depends on how fast you want to fill all that space with plots.

Yeah, I have a separate plotting computer. There is a board with 32 SATA ports being made just for this.