How to Get Estimated plot size for pool?

How to Get Estimated plot size for pool ? or it will be calculated manually ?

yout plotsize on a pool or the pools total plotsize?
You should find these information both on the pools webpage

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Is it possible that we join a pool with different sizes of plots. i.e. K32, K33, K34 and etc.
Then for calculation of Estimated size of Plots, How it will be determined that which plot has which size ? because plotnft show displays only Plot count in that pool, while Sizes are not displayed.

Yes thats fine ( maybe dependant on if the pool is accepting them though ).
Total size of all plots is all that matters.
Type k32, k33, k34 or mixture of is not that relevant. ( so long as the pool accepts those type of plots).

I have joined 2 pools.
First pool: Total 3 plots (1 Plot is k33 and remaining 2 are k32)
Seconds pool: Total 2 plots (All are k32)

The question is how to calculate Estimated plot size in First Pool? How to determined by RPC / CLI or any other method that 1 plot is k33 and 2 are k32 ?

A k32 is roughly what 106gb, a k33 is I believe roughly 212gb apx, a k34 is I believe roughly 424gb apx.

So add them up…

I’ve never made anything but k32, but I believe that should be apx correct.

Yes it is possible. The pool(s) don’t even know what size plots are in your farm.
All they know is the number of partials they receive from your farm.
Doesn’t matter if those partials are from proofs found on K32/33/34.
Number of partials is dependent on size of plotted storage, not the way the plots are configured.
K33 gives roughly twice the number of partials (on average) as K32.
Most pools give an on-average payout (daily/monthly) per TiB plotted in the farm.
For instance Space Pool:

mind you that this average xch earned is for the whole pool, not specifically your farm. You can be luckier/less lucky than average with finding partial-proofs, as with normal ETW.

As for the 0.25XCH farmers reward the ETW is just the normal ETW when not pooling!

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