How to Get Support - READ FIRST

Hello and welcome to Chia Forum!

All your help requests and troubleshooting questions should be posted in this Support topic.

There are many people here that are glad to help and share information, but keep in mind:

  1. You are not owed any help. People here are volunteering their time and energy.
  2. If you did not do your own research and homework before asking for help, then do that first.
  3. As of now everything is in English, so please use English.

Before You Ask For Help

  1. Did you do your own research? Did you: Read the Chia Wiki? Did you search on this forum already? If you did so, say so in your post. Did you search online for your problem?
  2. Did you read the Chia Wiki?
  3. Did you read the Chia Wiki? The Beginners Guide is useful.

How to Ask for Help

You need to provide relevant and useful information. Provide:

  • Chia version you’re using
  • Operating system and version
  • Hardware, if relevant (CPU, SSD, hard drive, RAM, etc)
  • Error logs (look on the Wiki on how to get these)
  • Anything else related you can think of, like screenshots

Also learn how to format code. Learn how to do that here or do what this GIF (pronounced Jif as in “giraffe,” and if you disagree I will fight you) does:

How to Format Code/Logs with the WYSIWYG Editor

The easier you make it for people to understand your issue, the more likely it is you’ll get help. Good luck out there!