How to instal chia 1.2.3 on ubuntu for nft plotting?

is there anyway to update to lastest version 1.2.3 for nft ploting on Ubuntu?;

Download the installer, double-click the installer, remove the old version and install a new one.

All your settings and database will be kept safe, don’t worry.

To Update/Upgrade from previous version

cd chia-blockchain
. ./activate
chia stop -d all
git fetch
git checkout latest
git reset --hard FETCH_HEAD --recurse-submodules

If you get RELEASE.dev0 then delete the package-lock.json in chia-blockchain-gui and again

git status

git status should say “nothing to commit, working tree clean”,

if you have uncommitted changes, RELEASE.dev0 will be reported.


. ./activate

chia init

The GUI requires you have Ubuntu Desktop or a similar windowing system installed.

You can not install and run the GUI as root

cd chia-blockchain-gui
git fetch
cd …
chmod +x ./

cd chia-blockchain-gui
npm run electron &

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Hi, I have a problem in ubuntu 20.04 when I get to the git checkout latest. I get an error that says “error: pathspec ‘latest’ did not match any file(s) known to git.” I updated twice before just fine, but now for some reason I get this error. Any help would be appreciated.

Make sure you are not in (venv) and located in chia-blockchain. If you did not modify the path, it should be cd chia-blockchain. Then do a git fetch right after that you can do git checkout latest.

I also recommend to take 5 minutes of your time and read this

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Is there any reason to not use the double-click installer to install/update the Chia client?

I fail to update the git version from 1.1.7 to 1.2.0 also. Since then, I only use the installer, easier to install and update, easier to get it running without having to activate anything, plus the app icon.

Thanks. My issue was that I was in chia-blockchain-gui folder instead of chia-blockchain.