How to move my full node from windows to a new machine in Ubuntu 20.04?

I made 20 plots on my windows machine few week ago on my main PC running W10Pro. Plots are on a QNAP Nas.

I just bought an optiplex machine to free my main machine, and want to move everything to it.

I installed Ubuntu 20.04 on it, import my 24words, but when i select the SMB folder from my Qnap NAS, plots are not recognised.

“chia plots check” warn me about that public farmer adress and pool public adress aren’t in pk list.

The only way i found to make it works, is making a “chia init -c” importing CA folder form windows machine. But i still need to be connected to windows machine, as harvester

How can i move my full node from windows to ubuntu, and let my windows machine for other purposes ?

Thanks ^^


I did the exact same steps and it worked.
I think, ur problem is, that ur second machine doesnt sync, cuz it doesnt connect to other peers.

In my case, disabling uPnP in my router seemed to do the trick, but there are other tips including port forwarding in many tutorials/FAQs around.

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Can you explain me a little bit more please? I’m planning to get back to windows :-S Thanks

Port 8444 is the port used. From outside, other machines can only reach one machine on ur lan via this Port.

Also, if u connect ur win to ur ubuntu via GUI and local IP, it should connect to other peers and be able to continue without the win-machine.

There are a lot of threads about port 8444, but im not sure which ones the best for u.
On my cable-router, i wasnt able to create port-forwarding yet, but i also didnt have to.
Also, I didnt have to disable uPnP on each machine via cli, but only had to disable it globally in my router.

Long story short, all “I” had to do, was disable uPnP in my router.

PS: Sync took more than a day on my Raspberry 4
PSS: had to reboot raspi once too

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I mapped 8444 port for both pc’s :-S

@ManuMCoupe Where you able to move your complete chia node to another ubuntu machine ? I am trying to do the same moving full node chia from mac to ubuntu headless. Let me know how did you do it ?

I’m no port expert, but afaik pointing a port to 2 pc’s is exactly what causes issues.

Sounds like something went wrong importing your mnemonic to me, if it was entered correctly, the second pc should have the keys it needs, and its saying it doesn’t.

Oops, old thread.

@emiamar just install software on new machine, import mnemonic, let it sync, then move your plots over.
Just maybe check that what ever formatting you used on disks will work well on the new machine.

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