How to MOVE the file from tmp to dest?

Hi all,

I am seeing some odd behavior here:

My idea is to have my temp plot file and dest plot file all in the same drive, so I don’t waste time moving the file elsewhere and blocking the job - thus allowing the job to finish quicker. Then I have a batch job that scans the /done folder and moves it to my NAS. But looking at my plotter logs I see this:

Copied final file from "G:\\temp\\plot-k32-2021-06-04-02-15-26907048bbc9442cfcfc1cff6635555af5a1ac5e74bbb1d1e963857480850634.plot.2.tmp" to "G:\\done\\plot-k32-2021-06-04-02-15-26907048bbc9442cfcfc1cff6635555af5a1ac5e74bbb1d1e963857480850634.plot.2.tmp"
Copy time = 2512.628 seconds. CPU (5.680%) Sat Jun  5 09:11:30 2021
Removed temp2 file "G:\\temp\\plot-k32-2021-06-04-02-15-26907048bbc9442cfcfc1cff6635555af5a1ac5e74bbb1d1e963857480850634.plot.2.tmp"? 1
Renamed final file from "G:\\done\\plot-k32-2021-06-04-02-15-26907048bbc9442cfcfc1cff6635555af5a1ac5e74bbb1d1e963857480850634.plot.2.tmp" to "G:\\done\\plot-k32-2021-06-04-02-15-26907048bbc9442cfcfc1cff6635555af5a1ac5e74bbb1d1e963857480850634.plot"

So it is copying the file from /temp to /done, then deleting the file in /temp, then renaming the file in /done.

Is there a way to force chia to simply move the file? This would be an instantaneous OS operation. Or anyone has any better tips to give me?

If you set the second temp directory the same as final destination, then it does not need to copy anymore. That way during phase 3, the compressed final temp file will be written directly to the final destination folder.
Just make sure the batch job only moves files that end in .plot and not in .tmp :slight_smile:

That easy? I just thought that being in the same drive, it would be enough.
I will give it a try! Thank you! :slight_smile: