How to move your wallet to other PC in order not to wait

Hello guys,

I installed Chia 1.1.5 to my future farming machine. Starter the sync, waited for 2 mins, quit wallet, stopped all the chia process. After I copied all chia folders form already fully synced wallet from another machine.

Started the wallet again - no success, same progress as it was prior to coping.

Any idea what am I doing wrong or how to properly move that wallet?

Thank you.

Hello, Did you get your problem solved, I’m new on this board.

Old thread but what the hell.

Having done this just yesterday here is how I do it.

  • Close Chia, wait for it to close correctly. Check the task manager or equivalent and make sure none of it is running inlcuding chia_blockchain, start_farmer, Start_full_node etc…
  • Install the chia blockchain on the new machine, but close it when the GUI starts up.
  • Copy the contents of the folder C:\users[your username}\chia\mainnet\ from the old machine to the new machine, into the same folder.
  • Start Chia on the new machine. You will need to enter your private key from the 24 word mnemonic. Wallet and DB sync much faster, as they are only a few minutes out of date.