How to plots on AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X

hi i need help with plotting
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X
128gb ram
4x M2 2TB
4x HDD 14tb
I am a newcomer and I do not know how many I can plot so I need help how to fence as quickly and efficiently as possible

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If I had that setup, with what I know now (vs 650 plots ago starting on my TR 16/31) I would partition each of those ssds in 2x 1TB, so you’d have x8 1tb. In each 1tb I would start 2 separate queues of (any number desired) plots, say like 10 each, so before the session ends you’ll have 20 plots/partition. Multiple x 8 that’s 160 plots ready to farm. Now I’m talking using the GUI, cause I like simple and easy, not difficult and lots of problems. For those I’d use 4000 memory, 4 threads, temp and final drive the same. You could just name your destination as a hard drive, that’s normal and works.

But…that last part leaving them on the ssd is the tricky part from standard. You’re leaving the finished plots on the drive that created them, to save copy time…variable but often 10-30 min each plot depending on how busy your HD is at the time. So that means you must manually copy them to your hard drives balancing the load among them, if you so desire.

You can try all kinds of ways to do the plotting, peps have all kinds of way, methods, and tricks, but right now, after a month or so, that’s where I am at, and it works. Bottom line, what I’ve found out about TR, is that it has a max limit what it will produce, and doesn’t matter how you structure the process of plotting, in the end, you’ll pretty much end up with the same plots/day.

Good luck!

I have some .bat files setup to rename them before copy to the HDs and back to .plot after moving them. If you don’t do this, the GUI will call them bad, but only until you have a chance to restart it. By NOT moving them as .plot files, then instantly renaming them to .plot, the GUI is happy and takes them in as being able to farm them right then and there.