How to power drives from 6/8 Pin PCIE

So… I am trying to expand my farm and come to power limitations on ATX Power Supplies.

The main issue are the 5 Volts. Solution: Power the drives from 12 volt GPU Connector with a dc/dc 5v converter attached.

I have found great resources in but there are still uncertainities:

Connector Diagram

Max amount of drives per cable

  • The whole cable (8 pin) according to specs is rated for max 150 Watts (~15 HDD’s)
  • A single pin is rated for max 8A (96W, ~9 HDDs)


  • my corsair psu has special 1x 8 pin → 2x 8 pin y cables and runs an RTX 3080 fine on it.
    → cable can be used for 300 watts? (2 plugs with each 15 drives connected)
  • Given that the cable has 3 12v pins and is rated for 150W
    → It seems reasonable to connect 3 * 5 disks to one 6/8 pin plug
    → 5v 10A DC/DC converter should be plenty strong for 5 Disks

Sense Pins
I have some confusion with the sense pins.
Will the PSU just push power through or do I have to do something with the sense pin? For example, In 24 pin ATX plug, pin 14/15 can be connected in order to power on the psu.

Are my assumptions correct so far and/or do you have suggestions/ideas?