How to quickly duplicate settings for multiple harvesters?

I’m trying to establish a big amount of harvesters, connecting them to one farmer in the same LAN. All the harvester nodes have the same HW configuration so I can just get everything set up (including the harvester) on one harverster and then mass-mirror the system SSDs to the others, for quick demployment.

However, there’s a tricky part–each harvester requires a unique harvester private key for the farmer to tell them from each other. In my understanding this harvester private key is generated when Chia is installed & first initiated. Therefore, I will have to leave Chia uninstalled on the system mirror, and manually install Chia & do all the harvester configuration on each harvester node, which is huge amount of work.

I’m wondering if I can simplify this process by, for example:

  1. Pre-install Chia on the system mirror, and then DELETE the harvester private key file so it (in my guess) will be automatically generated on the first “chia init” command? Will such generated private keys be unique on each node, or it will just be the same as it was on the system mirror?
  2. Is it possible to make a powershell script so as to finish the harvester settings on one click? (The harvesters are on Windows for maintenance reasons) I’m new at this and not sure if a script could do all the stuff (change config, replace CA, etc.)

Actually I tested the first hypothesis:

  1. I moved the “private_harvester” key files from ssl/harvester folder to a backup folder
  2. chia init -c [CA dir]
  3. I can see new keys being generated under ssl/harvester folder, with today’s date as start of validity
  4. I compared the content of the key file to the old one and they are different

Does this mean it is successful? Now this newly generated private harvester key can serve as a unique one, harvesting together with others generated in the same way, on nodes with duplicated system drives, in the same LAN connecting to the same Farmer?

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You can generate a new set on a harvester by deleting the ~/.chia folder… running chia init (which recreates it)… then running chia init -d /your/farmer/backup/CA… then adding the keys.

How many harvesters are you talking here, and they have different plots, right?.. Seems like an over-optimization to me.


Hundreds maybe…

Thanks man!

did this go as well as expected??? :grin:

I created something similar.
farmers times to win are at a week… with 70 tb…

maybe we could share ideas?