How to set up plots on this

Hi there i got
i9 10850k. And 1tb nvme gen 3 also 5 x 18tb Drives (HDD). 32 gb Ram. So how i should set up my plots to start farming Chia. Thank you for every suggestion i can get.

What have you tried?

The install instructions for your operating system of choice are all listed here:

I seen this. I dont get it how set up the plots should i go paraller with with them or create normal plots . After plot is created and its start to farm then CPU is free and i can start another plots ?

I would say, start slow with one, record timing, then try 2 in parallel, record timings, figure out where your bottle necks are. That’s how I started, it’s a lot of hands-on trying out for the first few days! As I said in another thread, don’t try to go too fast at first: GUI stop working in plotting - #3 by cultiv

You only have 1 plotting disk, so start with 1 plot (4 threads), record timings, then do 2 in parallel (4 threads), record timings, then your CPU might run out of cores, so maybe you can do 3 (4 threads) at the same time, with a bit of luck, not sure. But then you might need to start staggering them.

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