How to sort drives - 2pb +


Preparing to replot the entire farm for GPU compression and started thinking…

What do most people do with 1pb+ farms? Single disks and mount them all and then adds them to the chia client? Or some sort of merge?

Using Ubuntu server and mostly jbods chained/connected to server with every single disk mounted to /mnt/disk1.

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To add them to the chia client, I just make a list of all the paths in an excel file. All my drives are mounted in nfts folders named after the physical slot they occupy, so

Easy to make in excel with concat() and then copy paste into the chia config in one go


I just made one folder : /mnt/chia

each jbod and drive are mounted as folders:




my Chia config just contains /mnt/chia as folder and I set recursive_plot_scan to true so Chia will drill down the mount point to seek all plot files

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I so completely forgot about this existing :rofl:

I’ve also mounted all drives to one folder but there are sub folders for each external JBOD with each drive clearly identified in the OS and also physically. Makes things easier to find the correct missing drive due to either a loose cable or drive failure (not happened yet, touch wood).

I never used the recursive scan though, I probably should :smiley:

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Did not know this existed. Perfect! Thanks

You can safely ignore what hajes29a says, he has been proven wrong many times.

I believe it was your mama!