How to start next Plot without waiting for the copy process

So in madmax in chia gui i have to wait for 15 min to copy process to finish, is there a way to start making new plot without waithing copy to finish?

I can speak only from a linux standpoint, but this can easily be done. Tell Madmax to use the same directory for tmp and the final directory. Madmax, at least on Linux, executes a move, not a copy to transfer the file from tempdir to finaldir. The temp file has a *.plot.tmp extension which means the file is only being renamed, and that takes a fraction of a second.

You then need to setup another tool to move the *.plot file. I just use a very simple bash script on a cron that checks for finished plots and moves them to whatever storage location that is currently being filled.

Obviously the key is to make sure you have enough space on your tmpdir for both the temp files that Madmax creates, as well as the finished plot file. a 1TB NVME/SSD will be enough to always be plotting a single plot, plus enough space to queue up a couple finished plots waiting to be copied.

Disable this:

That is if you have enough space on your temp drive… You don’t want to store your finished plots on your fast NVME drive.