How to stop current plots with the GUI?

I get to many plot running simulteanously.
I’m using the gui interface.
I would like to delete one or 2 plots to get more space on my tmp disk.
If I try with the guy, I got disconnected from my wallet and I’m loosing all the plots which are generated.
Can I delete the files directly from the disk, or another way to do it without loosing my plots that are almost complete …
I hope I’m clear enough
(I’m not a native english speaker …)

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The only thing I have found possible to do is delete queued plots. Deleting running plots crash it all. I’ve not tried ending processes cause I’m chicken and don’t dare risk (yet) another crash with multi-plots running… Just to painful IYKWIM. Perhaps others have the experience ending processes…

The queues yes doesn’t affect the others, but I would like to remove safely the one which just started to plot actually
thanks for your input

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too bad for me it crashed …
Looks like the plotting were still active as i could see activities on my disk in the task manager.
That would be nice to get an answer or the possibility to remove a plot without loosing the others