How to stop new farmers joining Chia Network

It’s nearly 36Gb to sync full node. Not sure how many days to fully sync and start farming for XCH. But 7.5Gb Wallet took me almost a week.

We’re using NFT plots for pooling, to do so, user must obtain few mojo first to join a pool. And that needs 7.5Gb Wallet synced, which is about 7-days syncing.

Isn’t that the best way to prevent new farmers joining in?

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agree in general that DB and Wallet are big and sync can be painfully slow.

But remember, new farmers also have to plot first before they can farm, so at the same time they can sync the db and wallet and when finished you will have some plots to use

I agree. I mine ethereum as well. Chia seems to be 10x more to setup and run, than a graphics card for other crypto.

Need full wallet to get mojos, to create NFT pool, then to plot and farm.
Hope there’s a way around… it’d help

Yes, the light wallet.

Can the light wallet hold all my quid? :sweat_smile:

I’ve not tried it it can certainly hold and move coin and sync very fast from what reports I’ve seen.

It does, I installed it and it works fine. Just take care not to install it on the same system/vm as your usual client. The downloads page is very clear on that.

Full wallet sync from scratch was ~6 minutes after entering the 24 word mnemonics for the wallet.

Only thing is, you can’t create a Plot NFT from the light wallet in this Beta version, so no solution for having to sync the blockchain and wallet on the normal client before you can start plotting poolable plots :roll_eyes:

Maybe after integration with the normal client in v1.2.xx as is planned for the future.

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If the hdds are pre plotted then it’s as simple as eth to mine with flexfarmer :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah need to sync the node to plot on the first computer.

yawn, I don’t use flexfarmer but hey @Chris22 a perfect reply

Did people forget to sync or are they all newbies and never had to download a core wallet and sync in the past … I remember old BLK, PPC , etc they took over a week to sync …

Oh yea most people forgot about core wallets … helas …

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Who needs the security of a core wallet with so many unsecure online wallets?

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shit I thought you could get the contract address right away before the transaction cleared…nm then

In any case there is a earlier obstacle…try downloading chia installer from, soo slow :sweat_smile:

In the last AMA they talked about 1 click farming coming out sometime soon.

There is also that that should be looked at. He should be looking to legitimize his site (partnering with Space, Flex pools, or Chia). As long as the initial option is to sync for several days, I would consider that this could be a good work-around.

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I feel your pain my brother. It sucks and this is why I went to a pool. The partials do add up but the math does not work out for a solo plotter.

Another interesting thing. SO Chia sends out a tweet to say get off of .9 or you will never catch up. So, to put this in context, I have been running as smooth as can be on .9 since we all resolved my rig. I shut down chia, shut down the rig, reboot, download .11, install, and 36 hours later Chia lost its mind and lost connection to the network and there is zero in the logs. Unreal.

I truly wish Chia would DVT the crap out of something before they release it. I had issues with .11 before I downgraded after the dust storm. Chia has some brain power but is anyone watching the cooks in the kitchen as the code sends way too many informational messages and can be hard to parse out what is relevant vs just info. Maybe one day next year :slight_smile: The run-up to 108 is nice to see. How long will that last? LOL

Yeah, I also just upgraded to v1.2.11, and the shit just doesn’t work. Frustrating.

I dont know why your having these problems, I shut down the GUI and reboot my machines and install ver 1.2.11 and get back online quickly under 20 minutes. I guess I’m lucky so far.

Are you on windows or Linux?

After five hours struggling with it, I gave up. I was upgrading from v1.2.6. On github Discussion page there was another guy trying to upgrade from the same version, and also gave up. He ended up gettnig v1.2.10 working. I am installing v1.2.10 right now.

The problem with this ef-ing software that it just says that it is connecting to wallet, and there no logs, nada. How to troubleshoot this POS.

I know, plenty of people upgraded, and things are running fine for them, but if this shit doesn’t work, it just doesn’t work. I guess, as other people were saying - reinstall Windows. What a joke.

It is already December, and those guys cannot fix the shutdown process, so one needs to monitor whether all processes shut down, and still that crap doesn’t close blockchain db but crashes.

About 30 minutes later, v1.2.10 runs. As that guy from github stated.