How to transfer all the balance to another wallet using CLI?

how to transfer all the balance, without specifying an amount, to another wallet using CLI?

This question sure doesn’t seem suspicious : )


I’m… not sure if we can?? But the normal commands ‘chia wallet show’ and ‘chia wallet send’ should get the job done for you once you have a number in mind. Send Chia XCH on Linux / Debian - Daniel Lautenbacher

I too am curious :thinking: :thinking:

Just wanna move fund from various wallets to cold wallet thats all

your wallets, i hope…


yeah of course. who else

It is simple to use the GUI to transfer XCH to a different wallet.

By asking how to do so, for unspecified amounts via the command line, it hints at running commands on other people’s computers to transfer out 100% of their XCH balances, without knowing their balances.

It is far easier to have such a command run via the command line vs remotely controlling their GUI, and doing so with automation (command line scripts are ideal for automation), and especially at scale.

And that you convey that you do not see that aspect of your request is, itself, a concern.

Add to that – you have not indicated why you are opposed to transferring balances via the GUI, and that smacks of more reasons to wonder about whose wallets you are seeking to access.

You need to enter the exact amount in XCH you want to transfer between wallets when using CLI. Use “chia wallet show” to see total amount in each wallet and note the wallet ID as you need that when transferring if you are transferring from non primary (1) wallet. Then use “chia wallet send -a <amount to transfer in XCH not mojo> -t <target wallet address> -i <optional unless source wallet is different from default #1>” (ex: chia wallet send -a 1.75 -t xchYourColdWalletAddressHereJust3xCheck). Note that you cannot transfer XCH from your Pool NFT wallet this way and instead you need to use “chia plotnft claim -t <pool wallet id>” first which will move ALL XCH farming rewards from pool wallet to your primary wallet which then can be transferred to desired target address (ex: cold wallet).

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This is a valid question if you are running your farmer headless and scammer knows this already which is not a secret as you can do “--help” (ex chia wallet send --help) on every CLI command to get detail instructions including which parameters are required vs optional. For Windows GUI users this may seam suspicious but not Linux users.

Besides if I wanted to do this via a malicious script/app I would not use CLI :wink: