How will the first few weeks of XCH trading work? How to prepare?

Hopefully major exchanges will open XCH markets very quickly!

If not, and we’re looking at a certain “wild west” trading phase – what will it look like? Where do you think it’ll congregate? Short of regulated exchanges, are any kind of escrow mechanisms going to be a factor? (like LocalBitcoins or some DeFi thing)

I’m topping up a reserve of stablecoin (+ ETH for gas). Other ideas how to be prepared?


In my opinion, transactions will open but an exchange won’t open immediately. I think there will be a timeframe where they check that transactions are working as they should.

Next, once we see movement of coins from the wallets of the strategic reserve, we can assume that some was sent to an exchange or exchanges in order to provide liquidity for people who want to purchase coins with fiat. NDAs probably bury the true exchange date.

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True , I think price discovery won’t happen for a few weeks . At this staff just keep plotting.

after transfers become live, the rubbish exchanges will open up but Kucoin, Kraken and Coinbase will be days later. The problem with rubbish exchanges is once your coins are sent they sometimes say “you no send coins”.

IOU trading what ever this is.

Binance can open their P2P trading for Chia.